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Tips on How to Look More Attractive as a Bald Man

Posted by Benjamin Esfandi on
Tips on How to Look More Attractive as a Bald Man

If you are balding and want to make some changes to make the transition a little easier, try some of the tips in the following article from Pivot found here.

Think about the successful or famous bald guys you know. They all have one thing in common, they own their baldness...from Jason Statham to Kelly Slater or the Rock or Sir Patrick Stewart.

Why should you be any different? It doesn't matter where your confidence comes from. For example: say you're a great artist, driver, dresser, cook or a solid friend, a good husband, a decent human being, whatever. Confidence makes the man.

Own your life and don't let thinning or balding hair make you feel any less. You're #baldandbeautiful #shineon!

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