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4 Pros & Cons of Shaving Your Head

Posted by Benjamin Esfandi on
4 Pros & Cons of Shaving Your Head

The following headings are not mine but the comments are and it IS a solid list of pros, cons and how to's for shaving your head from an article titled "Should I Shave My Head?" by Ann Pietrangel for Healthline. See the full article here.


Deal with hair loss - gotta do it eventually or you'll suffer forever.

Save Time - absolutely true

Save Money - yes and no, I like to take care of my scalp

Try a New Look - bold move and luckily looks good on most


Dry Skin - true but easily remedied

Scalp Irritation - potentially, but again, usually not a difficult fix

Ingrown Hairs - I shave every OTHER day to avoid this. Learned the hard way

Exposed Skin/Scalp - true: get a great collection of hats and good skin care


Upkeep - arguably much easier than having hair

Unsolicited commentary - not always bad

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