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Balding and Mental Health

Posted by Benjamin Esfandi on
Balding and Mental Health

Going bald is a tough experience for almost every man who experiences it. And that's a lot of men. 20% of men experience hair loss beginning around 20 years of age. By age 35, that number jumps over 60%, according to the American Hair Loss Association. With numbers like that, it appears, the more uncommon thing is not losing hair as an adult male.

Our society has an odd approach to this phenomena. Men who do what they can to hide (think: comb-over), curtail or reverse the effects of balding are looked at as pathetic while those who are bald are mocked. It appears, there's no winning (from the outside, at least). What's more, the mental strain on some men goes unspoken and weighs on them. It's tough enough being a man in today's world without this stress.

The best thing anyone who is balding can do for themselves is find a way to get past it. Accept it and move one. You are so much more than a head of hair! Whether that is done by speaking with a trusted friend or family member or a therapist or some other approach, find one that works for you. You can be bald and still be a masculine sex symbol. Just look at the guys who pull it off: Jason Statham, The Rock, Bruce Willis, Stanley Tucci, etc.

Here's a great article on the subject of Bald Mental Health.

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