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Are bald men better in bed?

Posted by Benjamin Esfandi on
Are bald men better in bed?

In a recent article on the Kenyan website,, they published an article with the same headline as this blog post. It's total clickbait and I used it unashamedly ;-)

The article made me think about the many urban myths regarding the causes of balding (wearing hats too often, using hair products like gels and mouse, etc.) and assumptions like bald men being better in bed (the proof for which is always anecdotal). We could do ourselves a favor and stop chasing myths and BS once and for all.

While it is true there are higher levels (relatively) of testosterone in men with male pattern baldness, the cause of the balding is determined by genetics (see the article explaining this here). Not by the testosterone, per se. If that were the case, we'd probably hear of the side effect of balding for anyone taking testosterone as part of hormone therapy.

To be clear, I'm no scientist. I have no degrees in any studies related to this field and am no expert. What I am, however, is a bald guy who stopped looking for the cause of my balding in an effort to find some prescription to remedy my hair loss. I'm bald, plain and simple. The most likely reason; genetics.

It was predetermined. There's no point getting frustrated with a reality I cannot change. Anyone who struggles with hair loss (but particularly men with male pattern baldness or thinning hair) is fighting an unwinnable battle. Over time, when I came to accept my baldness and owned it, it was liberating.

If you are suffering from balding, a receding hairline or alopecia, do yourself a favor and find a way to cope and hopefully, accept it. It is perfectly alright to seek help from support groups, therapists, friends or even spiritual guidance in an effort to deal with how you feel about it. Whatever you do, I wish you success.

From Baldies to you: Shine on!

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[As an aside: in an era of body positivity, why is bald shaming ok while weight shaming isn't? Both need to stop, in my opinion. This may be the subject of the next blog post...hmm.]

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