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9 Shave Routine Tips for Bald Heads

Posted by Benjamin Esfandi on
9 Shave Routine Tips for Bald Heads

Shave Routine: Follow These Tips for a Better Shave

Are you now embracing the bold and classic look of a shaved head? Are you wondering how to maintain that look with the ideal shave routine? Search no further! Baldies is here for you, and we have all the shaving tips that can help you maintain a smooth scalp. Keep reading for more information.

How Often Should You Shave?

While face shaving is routine for many men, the same logic doesn’t necessarily follow when it comes to your head. When asked, 80 percent of bald men reported that they shave their heads 2-3 times per week. If you’re someone who loves the feeling of a smooth shave, you may be tempted to do it more frequently, but you have your skin to consider. Moisturization is key, and shaving your scalp daily can result in dry, peeling skin. We recommend starting around 2-3 times per week and seeing how your skin reacts. If you’re noticing irritation, dial back. If your skin is still looking healthy and unbothered, shave more frequently if desired. 

Your New Shave Routine

1. Take a shower

If possible, take a shower before shaving. This allows you to soften both your skin and the hair follicles and ultimately achieve a closer shave.

2. Trim any longer hair

Before pulling out your razor, trim any longer hair with a trimmer or scissors depending on the length. If you’re already embracing the bald lifestyle, then this probably won’t be necessary. However, if you’re new to the club, then you probably won’t be able to jump in with your razor straight away.

3. Check your scalp

Take time to feel your scalp for any bumps or moles. Understanding the landscape of your head will help prevent any nicks or cuts as you shave.

4. Apply Baldies grooming products

Use Baldies’ Shower Bar to help soften your hairs, exfoliate and improve razor-glide on your head. Its organic ingredients will help to prevent irritation and allow you to achieve a smooth shave. Baldies is also launching a new shave soap, which will be available soon. This product will help you shave with better glide and thicker lather.

5. Avoid a dull razor

When it comes time to pick up your razor, check whether the blades are dull or the lubrastrips are faded. If so, it’s likely time to change your blades so you can get the close shave you’re seeking.

6. Shave with light, gentle strokes

As you shave, you want to use light, smooth strokes and apply even pressure. You want to work in a pattern that’s comfortable for you. On your second pass, go against the grain and change directions, so you make sure you get all of the hair. You should allow the blades to pivot over the contours of your scalp, and fold down your ears as you work around them to prevent them from getting nicked in the process.

7. Rinse your blade often

Rinse your blade under the faucet every few strokes and shave the excess water off. Do NOT tap your razor against the sink or wipe it on a towel. This can reduce the life of your razor. By rinsing regularly, you’ll remove built-up shave gel, hair, and dead skin.

8. Reapply Baldies’ products before re-shaving

Always reapply your Baldies’ products before re-shaving any area. This will help prevent razor burn and irritation.

9. Finish off with aftercare

Once you’re done shaving, rinse your head with cool water and towel off. You should moisturize your head immediately after to keep your head soft and hydrated.

Final thoughts

You now have the ideal shave routine for your head! Check out our scalp products for bald men and come back for more helpful information each month.

Baldies strives to be a viable member of the bald community. If you have ideas or products you love in your routine, we'd love to hear about them and may even share them! Email us at with the info.

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