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4 Reasons Why Going Bald Doesn't Matter

Posted by Benjamin Esfandi on
4 Reasons Why Going Bald Doesn't Matter

I've been bald since I was about 20 years old so it started for me a lot sooner than most. However, that was a blessing in disguise. I had to deal with it early on and luckily got over it. It was a process, to be sure, but I did get over it. I shared a little of the story with the Instagram #baldcommunity recently in a comment thread.

Here's a screen shot:

Instagram Comment

With that said (and shared), here's the 4 reasons/ways balding doesn't matter (full disclosure, these are taken from an article in Men's Health - link here):

1. Hair Can Be A Pain In The Ass

Do you ever look at guys with elaborate quaffs covered in tons of “product” and wonder how much time they spend worrying about the dead protein on their domes?

2. Leave the Vanity to the Boys

Vanity and narcissism are unattractive qualities in anyone, but their deal killers for men who aspire to experience a full life. 

If you have nothing better to do than worry about your hairline, maybe you’ve got a little too much free time on your hands.

3. Find a Bald Role Model

For all the worrying men do about losing their hair, you’d think more of them would remember that some very badass and successful men are and were comfortably bald.

Like who? Like Tyrese Gibson, Vin Diesel, Billy Zane, Taye Diggs, Stanley Tucci, Pitbull, Mark Strong, Jason Statham, Matt Lauer, Isaac Hayes, Mark Messier, Andre Agassi, Albert Pujols, Stone Cold Stone Austin, Marvelous Marvin Hagler, Lex Luthor, Brian Urlacher, Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, Evander Holyfield, and a huge chunk of the NBA, including Michael Jordan.

Just to name a few...

4. Take Care of the Rest of You

Losing hair is often beyond control. It just happens for a myriad of natural biological reasons. 

But there are countless other factors in how a man presents himself that are entirely his responsibility.

Paul Moynan is a rock of a man. After serving multiple tours in Middle East combat with the Royal Marines, he keeps himself in top shape. 

As he flies back in forth from London to Dubai to New York to North Africa for the maritime firm he leads, he’s always dressed to the nines. The women who run into him on a daily basis are not worried that he went bald years ago.

“If you’re looking healthy, if you’re well dressed and you present yourself professionally, there isn’t a woman alive who’s going to look past you because of your hair,” he says.

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