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4 Points of Bald Head Maintenance

Posted by Benjamin Esfandi on
4 Points of Bald Head Maintenance

Bald Head Maintenance


Countless people joined the bald head club during the last 18 months. After all, COVID meant no hair salons were open. If anyone was considering embracing a shaved head, why not now?

Unfortunately, this seemingly maintenance-free hairstyle isn’t what it seems. Admittedly, it is less expensive without regular cuts, and you won’t spend time styling your hair every morning. That said, you’ll still need to put in some effort into minimizing random hairs and skin flakes. To make this process easier, I’ve compiled a few top bald head maintenance tips as well as scalp products for bald men.


  1. Take a hot shower to shampoo and condition


Did you know that even bald people should shampoo and condition as well? It turns out that the cleansing really benefits your scalp in addition to your hair. If you skip shampoo and conditioner completely after going bald, you won’t have an opportunity to remove any gunk or to promote a healthier scalp.


  1. Use the right products


You’ll still need products for your head even if you’re bald. Scalp products for bald men include:


  • Shave cream, shave gel, or shave butter
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Post-shave cream or balm
  • Sun block


Baldies is here to help with some of the industry’s best bald head products. Visit here for more information.


  1. Shave with a fresh razor


Even if you lost your hair early in your 20s like me, that doesn’t mean you’ll be completely bald. Most of us have a few stray hairs here or there that we need to clean up with a razor every so often. I recommend shaving with a fresh razor and employing smooth, long strokes. Be sure to pay special attention when shaving around the ears. Once you’re done shaving, you can rinse any loose hair and excess shaving cream off.


Finally, draping a hot, wet towel over your head for a few minutes is a great way to prevent ingrown hairs. This is also the ideal time for a post-shave cream.


  1. Protect your scalp from the sun


When you had hair, did you ever sunburn your part accidentally? If was miserable, wasn’t it? Now, imagine what it’ll feel like if the same thing happened to your entire head.


Protecting your scalp with either a hat or sunscreen will help you feel better. It’ll reduce the likelihood of cancer, brown spots, and hyperpigmentation. Don’t let your scalp get weathered and sun-beaten just because it’s hairless!


Final thoughts

There you have it! Those are just a few tips to get you started on bald head maintenance. Don’t forget to check out our scalp products for bald men and come back for more helpful information each month.




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