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100 Most Powerful, Influential or Simply Badass Bald Men

Posted by Benjamin Esfandi on
100 Most Powerful, Influential or Simply Badass Bald Men

The list you're about to see is one from GQ that I stumbled across from 2019. Some of these rankings (that they claim is 'highly scientific') may have changed since then.

I'm not endorsing nor contradicting any of their findings. What I do want to say, however, is that influence, power and badass-ness (we're making up words over here) is independent of baldness.

So if you're having a hard time dealing with balding or thinning hair, think about these men who climbed the heights of their respective fields (business, entertainment, sports, politics, fashion, etc.) to become so successful they even have their own Wikipedia pages. I've linked their pages to their names in the list below.

In fact, I'd bet money that most of them went through some level of upset and ultimately, acceptance, about their baldness. My two cents: focus more on your specific journey in life and let being bald simply be a minor part of your appearance.

It doesn't matter if you're bald if you're taking care of business, taking care of your family, always learning new things, staying healthy and fit, being kind. Feel good about yourself. Be bald, be proud and shine on!

I am peppering some photos below but not in order. For the list, see below the photos. Thanks for reading!

Image may contain Terry Bradshaw Tie Accessories Accessory Human Person Suit Coat Clothing Overcoat and Apparel

#100 Terry Bradshaw -  Super Bowl winning QB

This image may contain Clothing Apparel Dana White Human Person and Man

#83 Dana White - UFC President

This image may contain Birdman Human Person Clothing Apparel Scarf and Face

#82 Birdman - Successful entrepreneur

This image may contain Billy Corgan Face Human Person Head Clothing Apparel Scarf and Man

#81 Billy Corgan - Smashing Pumpkins lead singer

This image may contain Face Human Person Head Ll Cool J and Smile

#78 LL Cool J - Rapper, Actor, Business man

This image may contain Jason Kidd Human Sport Sports Ball Rugby Ball Person People Team Team Sport and Basketball

#65 Jason Kidd - NBA superstar and now coach

Image may contain Kelly Slater Head Face Human Person and Man

#56 Kelly Slater - the most successful surfer of all time

Image may contain Jonathan Ive Human Person Clothing and Apparel

 #15 Jonathan Ive - Genius coder for Apple 

This image may contain Kenneth C. Frazier Human Person Crowd and Press Conference

#24 Kenneth Frazier - CEO of Merck

This image may contain Dave Chappelle Human Person Head Face Electrical Device and Microphone

#8 Dave Chappelle - Successful comedian, actor (a comedic genius in my humble opinion)

This image may contain Jeff Bezos Human Crowd Audience Person Coat Clothing Suit Overcoat Apparel and Speech

#5 Jeff Bezos - seriously though, he founded Amazon...nuff said.

This image may contain Human Person People Sport Sports Team Team Sport Derek Brunson and Basketball

#1 Michael Jordon - the GOAT!

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100 Most Influential, Powerful and Simply Badass Bald Guys
Terry Bradshaw
Michael Chiklis
Paul Shaffer
Christopher Meloni
Tony Hale
Lord Voldemort
Kevin Youkilis
Vern Troyer
Hulk Hogan
Jamie Hyneman
Stanley Tucci
Todd Greene
James Taylor
James Jannard
Seth Godin
Karl Rove
Mort Zuckerman
Dana White
Billy Corgan
Andre Agassi
LL Cool J
Damon Lindelof
Mike Wilbon
Tony Kornheiser
Ray Allen
Jason Alexander
Heston Blumenthal
Garth Brooks
Ving Rhames
Pete Townshend
Cal Ripken
Terry Francona
Jason Kidd
Stephen Covey
Jeffrey Tambor
Jeff Van Gundy
John Malkovich
Manu Ginobili
James Carvill
John McCain
Jason Statham
Kelly Slater
Mike Tyson
The Blue Man Group
Ed Harris
Tom Colicchio
Cory Booker
David Cross
Stephen Breyer
Floyd Mayweather
Robert Duvall
Jim Cramer
George Forman
Albert Pujols
Patrick Stewart
Larry David
Michael Pollan
Kevin Garnett
Phil McGraw
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Vin Diesel
Dick Vitale
Kobe Bryant
Ben Kingsley
Sean Connery
Domenico Dolce
Lloyd Blankfein
Marc Andreesen
Dick Cheney
Magic Johnson
Steven Soderbergh
Jeffrey Katzenberg
Kenneth Frazier
Adrian Peterson
Charles Barkley
Ben Bernanke
David Simon
Craig Newmark
Ron Howard
Dwayne Johnson
Steve Ballmer
Jonathan Ive
Rick Ross
Shaquille O'Neal
Pope Francis
Vladamir Putin
Matthew Weiner
Louis CK
Dave Chappelle
Rupert Murdoch
Samuel L. Jackson
Jeff Bezos
Bryan Cranston (as Walter White)
Bruce Willis
The Dalai Lama
Michael Jordon

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